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  1. Crystalyn says

    I didn’t know such a cruise existed! I guess I always thought cruises were more for adults than kids.
    Thanks for sharing. Now I want to take my family on a Disney cruise!

  2. Beth says

    This is something we will definitely have to look into. I’ve never been into Disney too much but I know it’s something my son will love. I think a cruise sounds more doable than jam packed days at theme parks. Thank you for sharing!!

    • Anissa says

      We haven’t been brave enough to try the parks yet since my younger son tends to decide he’s tired of walking and sit down in the middle of the street. Disney has a cruise that goes just to the park and to Disney’s private island. I’m very tempted…

  3. Chelsae says

    I have always wanted to do a Disney cruise, even before we had kids. My husband wants to wait until our daughter is a little older to really enjoy it. We love cruising but we just haven’t dont a Disney one.

    • Anissa says

      Don’t know how old your daughter is, but my younger son was almost four when we went, and I thought that was a good minimum age. The Kids Club is only open to kids ages three and over. Although there is a nursery for babies and young toddlers that is reasonable priced ($4.50/half hour) it’s not included in your fare like the Kids Club. Also, my almost-four-year-old tired out much quicker than my six-year-old, so he didn’t get quite as much out of the activities. Whenever you go, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time!

  4. Marysa says

    I have heard so many great things about Disney cruises. My friends also highly recommend them! I would love to go as a family on a Disney cruise some time. Long time ago we went on a cruise that wasn’t very kid-friendly.. wish I’d known back then.

  5. Brandy Love says

    One of my friend’s that got married took a Disney Cruise as their honeymoon. I was in their wedding. They don’t have kids but absolutely loved it. I have been to Disney World several times, actually briefly working there when I moved to Florida yrs ago but, never on a Disney Cruise. Looks like it would be a grand fun time.

    • Anissa says

      I can tell you the adults in our group had every bit as much fun as the kids. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  6. Jessica says

    We have not done a cruise yet with our kids, but I went on a Disney cruise when I was 17 with my family. It sounds like they have even more activities and food options on board now! And you are right – Disney is one well-oiled machine! We have been to Disneyland the last four years in a row and it is amazing how well they run things!

    • Anissa says

      Four years in a row at Disneyland—that’s amazing! I’m a little afraid of taking my four-year-old to a theme park. He’s in a ‘not into walking’ phase. I’m looking forward to doing the parks with the kids as he gets bigger, though. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Kim says

    Unfortunately we had the opposite experience…. way over priced…. my son hated the kids club…. we spent so much extra money on the ship for adult beverages, popcorn, toys… etc…. the pools were crowded…. long lines for the characters…… shows had outdated characters ( my 5 year old don’t know who half of them were) ….. Castaway Cay’s beach was terrible…. crowded, dirty and couldn’t find a clean towel after 12pm…. sad to say I had high expectations but neve again!

    • Anissa says

      Oh no! Sorry to hear that your experience was so different from our amazing one. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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